Flow Chart:

paeng/Schulz snubs many award applicants in a coarse,
tactless way* in a preface to his awarding.

He doesn`t even shrink back from comparing
pets with porn pictures.

As an operator of a pet side, as member Of
Metatron and MetatroniC, I express my indignation
and unintentionally commit "blasphemy"!

September 3rd,2000
"um kotzen..."

September 4th,2000
Paeng`s answer

September 6th,2000
post script...

September 9th,2000

My notices of MetatroN as well as of MetroniC were certified
- I`ve said goodbye to the award scene !

Just 9 months later I visited the MetatroN page.
There I saw an article refering to the events,
mentioned above,which described them partly lying,
partly wrong.

August 6th,2001

August, 6th,2001
Nothing changed...

August, 12th,2001
Reading and writing...

August 21st,2001
The AIF-(MetatroN forum) temporarily closes its gates.
My articles didn`t fit to the picture of the intact

As the article still unchanged appears in MetatroN,
the thought matured to point the lying, unserious award scene
out to decent award masters and at first the award applicants.
That was the birthday of the awardmob.de!


* Afterwards this tactless way was used - as I correctly foresaw- many so called "award-masters" - and - you may believe or not - many of these snubbed thesis you can still find on the sides of various award charlatans.

I earnestly ask you,how you can accept awardings of such species and show them on your websides.