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:: MetatroN ::

First significant German Awardindice. Founded by webmaster Schulz (Paeng) and Schneider (Arcadi Renko).
For a time Solaris RA also belonged to the representatives of the Awardindice.
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::::  Awards - Made in Germany  ::::

Award, made in Germany - this way or in a similar way I thought, when in the year 1999 I`ve had the first contact to the webmasters of MetatroN Award-Indices.
Except of the well known Award data banks there was only this significant Awardindex in the German Award scene.

In a short preface the webmasters showed the fundamental ideas and aims of the indices - the impressive forewords can still be found today in the MetratroN.
That these "visions" of a prospective award grant were represented by the three most qualified German webmasters featured the meanings of the indices.

Unfortunately the development took not only the desirable direction, as you can see today.
One of the webmasters left the partnership and decided to reach the common aim on other paths.

"to give back the signification to the webaward, that behoves to it"

That he was very effective and that he promoted essentially, that the web was nearly delivered from cheats is without question and has been mentioned at other places several times.
Everybody, who is not blind, can still inform himself about this prehistory. But the question still remains , if a common action would not have been more successful for a award, made in Germany.
To say it tentatively : Critics refer to the affair and not to the webmaster, irrespective of your opinion, if they are opportune or inopportune.When there is critic against a webmaster, it will be clearly discernible.
Unfortunately there has been an example, where the webmasters - with or without special intention - didn`t prevent, that an objective critic - also by their assistance - was delivered to improper linguistic reply.
It`s not always seasonable to keep silence - at least in this case an early objective attitude could have surely prevented a horrible verbal battle.

That the former, first of all objective critic was really justified, can be impressively shown by the development of today, and please, who thinks, that the expression "it makes me splutter" is too daring, should really not step into an award forum with a good conscience at this time.
Oh yes, I hear them bustle, these cynical fire- raisers and I tell them quite clearly: Not the guests of the forums but the webmasters themselves are not able to show a civilized behaviour.
To prevent any speculations, I would like to make it quite clear, that it is no offense of the Matratron, that the development of the award scene is shown by the examples of this indices.
The award masters always declare, how much the opinions of the indices and their webmasters mean to them, but, and the awardmob.de will prove it, an opinion, that´s only important for them , when it`s convenient.

At a first, small example I will show them their behaviour relative to the linking of the awardmob.de by the WHM.
Didn`t the award-"masters" prove their own incapacity, when they vehemently criticised the linking by the WHM, but in the moment, they had to realise, that the MetratroN (for what reasons however) although linked the awardmob.de, they turned to the other side or grew dumb - it`s really ashaming [1].

One thing has really been shown till now:
Not the indices gave occasions for critics- but the behaviour of their members.
The webmasters of the indices have to consent to critics, because they are facing this unworthy behaviour of their members absolutely passiv - likewise here the awardmob.de will have a strict eye upon it.

It seems somewhat grotesque, that the membership will be finished, if the award master doesn`t award someone for a long time, but public comment - for instance to the infringement of copyrights, that stands opposite to all rules, are accepted and deeply insulting forum`s statements can be expressed by the webmasters without any risk for their membership 186.34