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:: MetatroN ::

First significant German Awardindice. Founded by webmaster Schulz (Paeng) and Schneider (Arcadi Renko).
For a time Solaris RA also belonged to the representatives of the Awardindice.
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::::  C o m m u n i c a t i o n  ::::

Also the article "communication" belongs to the collection of articles of the award primer, a cornerstone of the MetatroN homepage, the manual for beginning and advanced award masters.

In September 2000 a member of the MetatroN and webmaster of the awardmob.de dared to criticize the preface of the awarding of index operator Paeng.

Without any questions- the headline "It makes me puke..." under which this criticism was published in the MetatroniC and MetatroN forum, didn`t correspond to the style "polite" conversation and could have been - retrospective - formulated in a more objective way.

As an excuse, this criticism was spontaneously written to a incomprehensible, arrogant and offensive preface to the awarding of Mr. paeng/Schulz.
The author, who himself was admit to MetatroN award index with a pet side, was offended and slandered, particularly paeng didn`t shrinked back from comparing a pet side to porn pictures.
At this point each objective man asked himself at the lastm what`s more offending: a preface that "makes me puke.." or the offending comments of the preface themselves.
Obviously this contradiction was also realized by the Misters paeng/Schulz and Renko.
So they turned the "It makes me puke.." as a note to the preface of the awarding into a personal insult, as if the author had written, "Mr. paeng/Schulz makes me puke..."

The pontifex maximus and the smiling charmer Renko still maintained that - contrary to their knowledge - in the MetatroN article "communication" in the middle of the year 2001!
Further details the interested reader can look up under chronicle in this awardmob.de.

Till today this article still serves the serious men as an example of a bad communication style and can be seen in the - meanwhile in the version taken the offensive parts out - under communication.
According to procedure of the Misters paeng/Schulz and Renko, the awardmob.de takes the liberty of showing the communication style of distinguished members of the MetatroN and their protégés.
In this way the beginning award master and the interested reader will be enabled to judge themselves.

In contrary to Schulz and Renko the awardmob.de shows at the same time the evidences and sources, in which the award haute volé presented their communication style.