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:: MetatroN ::

First significant German Awardindice. Founded by webmaster Schulz (Paeng) and Schneider (Arcadi Renko).
For a time Solaris RA also belonged to the representatives of the Awardindice.
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::::  I n d i c e s  ::::

In this article, that appears in the MetatroN since September 2001, the award masters enter into the particulars of the subject "Award-indices". The fundamental statement clearly shows again, that also in the MetatroN a changing process takes place.

It is much to be hoped, that the award masters earnestly come to terms with the problems, here shown by the webmasters, and will inspired to reflect upon their own practices.

Unfortunately, to my mind the webmasters set about too "cautiously". Instead of using clear words, some formulations are too "inexact" to be understandable and opens the door for misinterpretations.

What do the webmasters want to say, when they, for instance, write:
The aspiring to a membership in several (Quality-) indices alone doesn`t mean an attenuation of the priorities. Certainly the membership in an award should not be prosecuted in such a suppressed way, that the award program is kept in the background.
If I take this statement word for word, it will mean, related to the MetatroN, that, for instance, the awardmaster should not present countless MetatroN-Logos on his side - so an absolute senseless statement.

Probable the webmasters want to express, that the awardmaster should not aspire to all reachable (serious!) indices to present their "Quality seals" like achieved trophies in their award program.
Naturaly the risk exists, that the own award programs will be kept in the background by this accumulation of serious qualities.

What are this reserved formulation good for? The webmasters should know by now, that (too) many awardmasters truely don`t want to understand anything. Shall this people be shown a way, that they can use for later excuses?

Yes, the award indices can help to give back the signification to the awards, that behove to it.
But they will only reach this, if the webmasters of the indices make clear statements, and  a l s o  give effect to it. Naturaly that means, that the memberships will have to be ended by force, if members don`t keep or take their bearings about the fundamental aims of the indice like

"to give back the signification to the award, that behoves to it"

But the webmasters of the MetatroN are honored, that they finally refer clearly,
that not the membership in a (serious) award indice makes an award program "top" but the program itself - that means the awardmaster - is a guarantee for a top program!
It`s nearly alarming, how the opinions of the webmasters of the MetatroN and the opinions of the awardmob.de agree.

Absolutely legal the webmasters show, that every award indice has the right to create their own hypothesis for the admission of award masters.

That the MetatroN and the MetatroniC are the most aspired aims of every webmaster is neither objectionable nor contested in any way, especially as the webmasters of the MetatroN now defined the position of the indice new in their indice article.

As the own web exist grows, as the webmaster demand his own abilities, his claims of the web exist grows, that he wants to award.
And it is without any doubt, that the most qualified webmasters, who are engaged in the awarding, belong to the before mentioned indices .

To the mind of the awardmob.de it will even not be objectionable,if this "small" set of awardmasters acquires the predicate "erudite" - the prove of their own ability allows it.
To meet liability to this predicate, it needs not only a professional quality but also a personal character and here some of the members of the indice should survey themselves.
It`s not enough to think , after having entered in one of the indices, what is the "award-world" to me, now that Im someone special?
First of all this behaviour arouses well-founded suspicion of arrogance, presumption, class feeling, discrimination and so on, and if they go on behaving like that, these will be the right attributes to this sort of webmasters.
That relates also to the webmasters of the award indices.
What shall all their statements bring, if they are not able to discuss about legal criticism and opinions in public award forums - I don`t think, that their thesis shall be a doctrine.

But that demands also, that as well the webmasters of the indices as also the members of the "erudite" indices deal with their pattern function and public their objective opinion, so they have one and don`t only want to be someone.

The generally practised silence, after the motto: "What will it interest me, if the plebs cries for answers", has just caused the already shown verbal faux pas!
They may explain their behaviour with the old maxim: "the less said, the better" - but let me contrast it with the maxim: "Also words are actions" - at least in this context! 186.34