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:: MetatroN ::

First significant German Awardindice. Founded by webmaster Schulz (Paeng) and Schneider (Arcadi Renko).
For a time Solaris RA also belonged to the representatives of the Awardindice.
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::::  E d i t o r i a l  ::::

The MetratroN seems to develop from a "pure" award indice to an award ressource.
Obviously the webmasters of the MetratroN recover tasks, that essentially the "young" award-indices under the guidance of the “experienced” webmasters had to fulfill.
This should not be understood as a criticism, because - after all - the commencing awardmasters meet with competent instructors, who, indeed, are able to teach them a lot assuming that they are not only looking for the pleasant sides of the lectures, but also for the less pleasant statements of the webmasters.

Since August 2001 extensive and considerable renovations are discernible, that shall be shown elucidated furthermore.
Obviously the clear foreseeable mis-development in the award scene caused the webmasters making the trial to interfere regulating with the event.

Still in August 2001 the editorial of the MetratroN sounded like a manifested fortress against all extraneous. There was a talk of award enemies, of award masters, who are pathologically yearning for approval and "childish sheriffs", of bad inquired accusations - but with the clear hint,

that the MetratroN is the right address for a seriously awarding.

Critical remarks against the webmasters could not be found.
This uncritical destructive attitude has fortunately changed and has turned into an obviously constructive attitude.
If you read the editorial of the MetratroN today, you will also find additional critical indications to the address of the webmasters.

Clearly the webmasters point,for instance, at the mis-development of the (serious)-"seal", speak about the absurd, tightening up conditions for the webmasters` awarding and they also know, that there are some awardmasters, who take it as an offence not to be admitted to a special award-indice.
Unfortunately again the webmasters can`t deny themselves to provide the reviewers with "little" side-cuts, who spotted the mis-developments perhaps a little bit earlier and found fault with it critically.

But it is much more deplorable, that the webmasters show the mis-developments, but leave the commencing awardmasters alone with the advice: "Take it easy".
If the webmasters take over the welcome part of mentors, and - we will see later on- also often demand this part, the awardmaster and award candidate will be allowed to expect more than this phraseologie!
The hint at "to look round" is really too mean - especially as (too) many awardmasters clearly proved in the past, that they only see, what they want to see.

Aren`t the webmasters of the MetatroN really not familiar to the numbers of awardmasters, who acquire an " unfortunately" chosen preface to the awarding and use it nearly unchanged in their conditions for a awarding?
During his researches the awardmob.de discovered too many sites, where you can still read this sentences.
That does not only concern the award programmes of the MetatroN members, but more often the sides of members of other award-indices. Already this shows quite clearly the pattern function , that the awardmasters of the MetatroN possess in the "scene".

Your honorable intention to advance towards this mis-development will only be crowned with success, if you finally find clear words, also referring to consequences of the memebrship in an award indice ( in this case yours).

One thing I do not believe you ,that is, what you write in a forum`s statement [1]
Begin quote:
But, what rather worries, harasses, confuses me…are the the thoughts, coming again and again, that there shall be people, who don`t dare to tell their opinions to special subjects, because their membership in an indice( let it be in the MetatroN, WHM, GoldSiegel; GTA or others) could be endangered.
End quote

With all respect , but you do not mean to say so, because otherwise a criticism, that was made in the past to your preface to the awarding, could not be understood.

You may be right, when you express in your further statement, that still no member of the MetatroN has been expelled (what- in certain circumstances-must be criticised).

But I - and many other readers- also mean by "endangered membership" a potential prospective membership in the MetatroN and I`m sure, you also mean it!
Criticism about other indices, stated by you, can be found now and then- you should not adulterate this!

Just the linking of the awardmob.de by the WHM and the vehement criticism about this step, that immediately became silent, when it became known, that the MetatroN itself made a link, shows clearly this behaviour!

Just show me one statement, where the MetatroN or one of their representatives have been criticised - I didn`t find such a criticism until today - the case is quite the reverse: Even the things, that should be criticised, were blindly accepted by many of the awardmasters, without any responsibility for the award candidates.

Furthermore I`m sure, that they partly dislike the personal exaggerated respect, that is offered to them in some forums and I can not realize, that they themselves reflect about the reason.

Indeed it needs more clearly words than "take it easy", to put some things into the right direction and I`m sure, that also the webmasters of the other indices will reflect, if the indices should not be more than a searchguide for awards!

Whether they like it or not, the past showed, that they - besides Solaris RA- possess a decided pattern function in the award scene and that they are the measure for some of the uncritical awardmasters.

If you go on writing in your statement:
Begin quote
I`m sorry, but I cannot understand, that people are trembling with our “might” and hold their tongue.(Although I cannot exclude it , but - as I said - somehow these are poor narrow minds)
End quote

I will also not believe.

At last you decide, which awardmaster you allow to enter the MetatroN, and that is your "might".
Just look around and you will be surprised, how many "narrow minds" shut up to not endanger their potential admittance.
But you should beware
to interpret this silence as a unrestrained assent to your thesis of awarding!
Obviously for too many awardmasters - even members of the MetatroN - the "being admitted to the circle" holds the spotlight, for the motto: "If I belong to the MetatroN, I will be someone"!

Naturaly an awardmaster is allowed to be "proud" to belong to this circle of exquisite webmasters. But he should not forget, that he has taken over a special engagement and that is to meet liabilities and that needs an ability to criticise the MetatroN.

Unfortunately there are (too) many awardmasters in your circle, who - obviously - aspired to membership only because of personal motives and not within the meaning of a responsible awarding.
Especially here it starts the question for the sense of the award programmes of the members of MetatroN, "crowded" with serious seals, although a webmaster of the MetatroN shows, how it should look.

And that should have been escaped your notice- it`s hardly credible! 186.34