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:: MetatroN ::

First significant German Awardindice. Founded by webmaster Schulz (Paeng) and Schneider (Arcadi Renko).
For a time Solaris RA also belonged to the representatives of the Awardindice.
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::::  A r r o g a n c e  ::::

Since a few days there appears an article in the rubric "Editorial" under the title "Arrogance of power". Indeed,this article is worth, to enter into the particulars of it,because in many parts it shows the usual behaviour of MetatroN.

Begin quote:
But, what rather worries, harasses, confuses me…are the thoughts, coming again and again, that there shall be people, who don`t dare to tell their opinions to special subjects, because their membership to an indice could be endangered.
End quote

Surely the membership to "an" indice will be less endangered than to the "MetatroN" indice, if an awardmaster dares to criticize the MetatroN.
Furthermore the membership especially refers also to "prospective" membership in the MetatroN.
And by which process this MetatroN-membership comes out, the MetatroN webmasters describe very clearly as follows:

Begin quote
Surely it is hard to be listed in the MetatroN, and yes!, we always try first to become a more personal contact to the people than it is possible only by the question blank.
End quote

According to them it is hard to be listed in the MetatroN ( become a member).
Also there seem to be not only professional reasons for making someone a member(although it is said in the rigid ( MetatroN) award primer), but especially the personal contact to the award applicant has a decisive signification.

When the authors write today: "...to become a feeling...", this sounded lately: "...chemistry" must fit.

But where does this personal contact generally take place?
Will I be wrong, if I presume, that this contact first of all happens in the forums and especially in the AIF, that is a favorite of the MetatroN?
It is fact, that every criticism to the MetatroN or their webmasters, as a matter of principle, will be taken as an offence and will be punished.
The members of the MetatroN are less concerned (because - as a rule - they don`t criticize), than the prospective applicants.
Every statement of opinion in a forum is taken as a testing of loyalty within the personal contacts.

For instance there is an asteemed awarding, that can tell you a thing or two about the hypocritical behaviours of the MetatroN webmasters!

Do the MetatroN webmasters believe, that the readers are all jesters, when they write:

Begin quote
But, what rather worries, harasses, confuses me…are the thoughts, coming again and again, that there shall be people, who don`t dare to tell their opinions to special subjects…
End quote

Pay attention: That is not only arrogance, but real hypocrisy!

Indeed you can hardly believe it, but with the help of the next statement the MetatroN masters are even able to surpass their own hypocritical form of presentation:

Begin quote
And YES!, it may (may!) happen, that people wall up their way to get a member of the indice, because for instance-they act in an injuring manner in the award environment. But not , because they show an impartial and constructive criticism to some aspects of this or that indice. That`s - I don`t know how to say it - simple bullshit!
End quote
Since several months a "respected" member of the MetatroN unconcealed rages through the award-forums, only inspired by one aim, to prove his unlimited loyality to the masters of the MetatroN by accusing the webmaster of the awardmob.de of being the root of award evil.
If he pointed his cholerical invectives at the project awardmob.de, nothing would be objected to it, but this "respected" member of the MetatroN attacks the webmaster of the awardmob.de in a till today not seen way of personal offences.
No personal offences, for instance:

Begin quote
…Kurt is only a typical German brownie-neighbour-hobby accuser and he retired very early, so that he has nothing to do than to obtrude his deranged mentality to other people!
That shows a outmost loathsome and also a little bit imbecile character)
End quote

No intrigue is repugnant to this man to show his bondage to the MetatroN authorities.
That at the same time the lampoon (wishmob) appeared in the internet is sure only a fortuitous happening!
The statement of the author according to the "award invironment" admits-considering these facts, that everyone can go and see for themselves only the interpretation:
As a member of the MetatroN:
You have the licence , given by the masters of the MetatroN, to object reviewers of the MetatroN in every way, the more and malicious ,the better.

As a non-member you have to differentiate between:

Criticism of the MetatroN or of one its members:
Unwelcome - otherwise no approach to the award-indice.

Criticism of a reviewer of the MetatroN:
The more injurious and malicious you attack a reviewer of the MetatroN, the more safe is your admission to the award- indice MetatroN!

Of course, it is left to the readers to judge the things according to their opinion.

But it is beyond doubt as you can see, that the readers are manipulated by the authors of the MetatroN in an inadmissible way and how earnest the authors take their own statements.
That the rather insignificant remark “ it makes me splutter” had to to be in for a preface to the awarding as an example for "bad" communication style, still rounds off the picture of the webmasteres of the MetatroN.
But the "arrogance of power" still goes on, when the authors of the MetatroN epress - against their better judgement - as follows:

Begin quote
I`m sorry, but I cannot understand, that people are trembling with our "might" and hold their tongue.(Although I cannot exclude it , but as I said somehow these are poor narrow minds)
End quote

Indeed there are such people. These are exactly the people, who want to get corroberated their unbelieveble ability by being admitted as a member of the MetatroN.
Otherwise their power is limited to decide, if a person is allowed to enter a discothec, that is "in".
The harder the door keeper, the bigger the rush - not only a phenomenon of this time and absolutely proposed.

In the following the masters of the MetatroN are surely right, when they write:

Begin quote
Who thinks, that he belongs to the "elite", only because he fulfills some principle features and tries to be carried by the high waves, doesn`t understand anything.
End quote

Unfortunately again they differentiate between members of the MetatroN and members of other indices.
How else can it be explained, that the awardings of many of the members of the MetatroN are showed to the public, filled with serious advertising seals?
Can this perhaps only be possible, because the demands of the MetatroN are yet not so high and the "more personal" contact allows this foolish liberty?
Note: They will be checked by their acts!

And concerning the "high wave": this will become more and more smooth, because the commencing young webmasters with their innovative pages already reject the honour of the oberbearing award masters with thanks!
But maybe the addressed webmasters of the MetatroN are able to reflect, if not just their more or less hypocritical articles caused this awarding sulkiness!
I confess, the awarmob.de again reported something - quite the opposite to the authors of the MetatroN, who want to say something to the uncritical fools

It should have happened, that reports are closer to reality than arrogant statements, that fortunately leaves the hope, that sometimes arrogance exists without power.
Then, at the latest, when the astonished "fools", after having got the admission, have to ascertain, that the drinks are stale, the public is without any standard and the rooms are without a personal equipment. 186.34