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:: Internet Professional ::

Special periodical from the Ziff-Davis group, that is mainly engaged in all subjects around the internet. Appearance monthly; the prize is at this time 7,80 DM ( 09.01)


:: Ralph G.Schulz ::

In the internet better known under the pseudonym Paeng.
Founder and besides Mr. Schneider, pseudonym Arcadi, responsible for the award index MetatroN.

:: Solaris RA ::

After having left as joint author the MetatroN he founded the "White List".
The award scene is very much obliged to him for publically unmasking the unserious award masters in spite of being massively persecuted with enmity.
Today he leads the "White List" and the award-index MetatroniC.

:: Peter Braun ::

Author of the article. He is not stated under the "Internet Professional Team".
Maybe he works as an independent assistant, that would explain the superficial researches.


:::: An the Winner is... ::::

16.16 To Mr. Wolfgang Koser (wk)
Chief editor (responsible)
Open letter (Mail):
Date: 09-01-2001

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

After having read your article

"And the winner is..."

in the magazine "Internet Professional" edition 9 with interest and attention, I will ask myself, if this article - in accordance with a good journalistical style - depends on own researches of the responsible editor or first and foremostly expresses the unexamined opinion of Mr. Ralph G. Schulz.
I deem it advisable to put in a few correcting words, because especially publications in special periodicals are also fit for the formation of opinion.

Already the headline "The winner is..." impresses a distribution of prizes. But that`s not the case!
The awarding (of websides) of Mr. A. shall express an approval for a well done work of Mr. B. - no more, but also not less!
You may discuss, if this approval cannot be just so expressed by an e-mail or an entry in the guest book.

The "cardinal question" can only be:

"is this a way to express a true approval or is the only unserious aim for the awarding to set a link to his page!"

Why shall it be reprehensible, if the "beginner" A. expresses his approval to the "beginner" B. by awarding, if he attends to these points?
There will not even be any place for discussion, if one man tells another: "In my opinion you`ve done a good job" - is this approval "unserious" or "worthless"?
In the opinion of Mr. Schulz surely, but maybe you ask for the seriousity of this man in an "after research".

Begin quote
"Someone, who wants to award, should realize, that there will be much work and that he assumes responsibility."
Ralph G. Schulz told about his job. Schulz is a man of much knowledge, who discovered the internet in 1994 and founded his award homepage MetatroN in 1998..."
End quote

It would be very interesting to get to know what he means with the word "job" - the job of someone, who awards?
Furthermore the MetatroN is not HIS award page, but an award index he leads together with Mr. Schneider.
With an exact research you would have found out, that Mr. Schulz indeed follows up an OWN award homepage.
I advise you to visit his homepage, especially with regard to the remark "...that there will be much work and... responsibility" and see the difference between word and action.

Begin quote
"The presence of a man, who awards, should at least stand firm to his own criteria catalogue", Ralph G. Schulz of MetatroN said. As it is known, in internet everybody without any special abilities or formal, proved competence can be a publisher - many accomplish only the status of a carpet layer.
End quote

It is unintelligible to me to read such a statement WITHOUT any editorial remark in your magazine- have you ever researched, if this "man of much knowledge" rised from a "carpet layer 1994" to a "award publisher 2001"?

Another proof of a superficial research and the influence to the formation of opinion within this article by Mr. Ralph G. Schulz an expert of the award scene can recognize by the fact, that in connection to the "formation of confidence" the name of a man, who especially in the years 1998/99 attended for confidence in the award scene by deeds and not by stupid talking, is intentionally left out - Solaris RA.

That this man is not even mentioned especially in this article, shows, that the responsible editor Braun obviously cribbed from the "prayer book of Schulz".

I and especially your readers can collectively renounce to this kind of journalistic work!

With best regards
Kurt Rose

( e-Mail-adress)


    16.16  awardmob.de 05.12.01