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:: G T A ::

A young German award index, modelled on international award indices with different levels and the possibility to get "upgrades"

:: W. Blankenagel ::

Co-Founder of the GTA, webmaster, responsible for content, design and criteria.
He is an evaluator for the GTA and also has other internet projects.

:: Uwe Goers ::

Co-Founder of the GTA, responsible for design and criteria, is also an evaluator.
He runs several other projects among the GTA.

:: Ulrich Pokorra ::

Co-Founder of the GTA, responsible for design, criteria and for the English version, also operates as an evaluator.
He has one other internet project among the GTA.


:::: GTA – An attempt to show objectivity ::::

Date: 09-07-2001

It was at the beginning of 2001 as a new award index was launched by three webmasters, the German Top Awards.

This index should set a sign in the award scene. In contrast to indices like e.g. MetatroN and Metatronic in this index there should every webmaster, having a serious award program, get the chance to be listed.

Therefore the GTA created Level 1-6 ... and the wrighters decided that Level 6 should be vacant in 2001 – what might have been the cause?

There was really a run to the GTA as they promised their „new members“ admission to the index without verification, while they fulfil one of the following criteria:

Member of Weiße Liste à Level 3
Member of WHM à Level 4
Member of MetatroN/Metatronic à Level 5

This “temporary regulation” should obtain up to a certain date, later the GTA wanted to evaluate self.
Awardmasters applied, were accepted … until … one day something happened the GTA-operators did not think about before. They accepted an award with level 4 which was granted membership at MetatroN two days later ... caught between the devil and the deep blue sea … the GTA decided, to upgrade this award to level 5. If there were any complaints about that I don´t know, but a few days later GTA changed their criteria in that way, that memberships in other indices can entail upgrades in the GTA, too.

At that time an awardprogram of a not very popular awardmaster was excluded from the GTA because he asked for an upgrade after becoming a member of the Weiße Liste

Since that time there were lots of upgrades and the GTA got more and more members.

The temporary regulation expired and the GTA evaluated and sometimes changed some points of the criteria which brought some awardmaster to the point to terminate their membership (GTA rated e.g. some Top-Awardprograms to level 4 …). Then the GTA started with a “status-list” … where all new entries, upgrades and removals were listed.

But not enough with that, the GTA also had a „special thing“ at the removal-list ... “awarding ceased”, “application not possible”, “didn´t meet criteria”, “given level refused” … there were lots of discussions about sense or nonsense of status lists, but the GTA perfected them … three cheers for the netiquette!!!

But anyway – at that list it could be seen that some high-ranking programs quit their membership in the GTA … and it became more and more …

After a few months the members of the GTA had the chance to apply for an upgrade … and some availed.

Some awardmasters were refused the upgrade (no changes on the homepage), others became their upgrade ... although there was NOTHING new on their homepage, except the fact that they now had a Metatronic Gold-Seal … three cheers for the justice!!!
And all that happened although the GTA-criteria expressly said, that upgrades are only possible if there were changes made on the website … but apparently it is enough to have a new “seal for serious award masters” to be considered as “changes” …
OK, all that would have been things one could live with – one could forget about the GTA and figure something about them, if …
Yes, if there would not have something attracted attention:

As already said the GTA was founded by three webmasters. Uwe Görs and Werner Blankenagel rated themselves in level 5. The third one, Ulrich Pokorra was first rated level 4. One day the interested member visits its index to see what´s new.

No removals, no upgrades, some new entries … and Mister Pokorra, without announcement suddenly rated level 5 … one was flabbergasted!!!

You talk about that with other people and all are waiting for 2002 to come, when level 6 is released … let´s bet that I know who will be one of the first to be upgraded???

Born as a really good idea this index became a complete farce in best time. Operators that change their criteria every time they want and then upgrade themselves stealthy made it the „Grö&Szlig;ten (Biggest) Traumtänzer (luftmensch) Ansammlung (Conglomeration)“