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:: Situation ::

This impressive statement of a courageous web- and award mistress engages in the immediate situation of the “German” award scene!

Autor.: Stoffel
Date.: 03-06-2002

:: An the Winner is... ::

With this headline an article around the awarding appeared in the magazine Internet Professional edition 9.
Please read an "open letter" to the chief editor of this magazine.

Author: Kurt Rose
Date: 09-02-2001

:: Objectivity ::

How objectiv are award-masters treated and rated in the GTA Award Index?
Please read the article "new objectivity" and make your own judgement.

Autor.: Dunja Valdez
Date.: 09-07-2001


:::: AwardMob - Special ::::

Among the AwardBoard here you can find another stage to publish your articles, your perceptions and your experiences around the award-scene to provide it for the public.

Be sure that especially the internet offers lots of possibilites to notify grievances and critics publicly. Times, where critic was hushed up is a thing of the past - due to the internet.

Here you can be your own editor with the wide door to the public; here your critic has to be noticed - whether someone likes to or not - and don´t let them take away your chance to express severe criticism!

In contrast to the Board here you have the chance to present your concern more in detail and - above all - to bring it up in coherence.

Please don´t be afraid to provide your "material" to the webmaster to publish it here. It is a matter of course that all personal informations given to me are handled confidential!