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:: Thoughts ::

These web- and award mistresses with their way of thinking uphold the hope of a future, respectful and sincere award community.
Not award primers in "glamour look", packed with beautiful words like empty word hulls, without being followed by acts,
not webmasters, who are engaged in incidental facts and the care of their own image instead of being engaged in urgent problems,
but self-conscious award masters are demanded to not expose the award scene to total untrustworthiness!

The awardmob.de expressively thanks the author of this statement!


:::: Award ( political) cleaning - the solution! ::::

18.17 Guest comment:
        Date: 2002-03-06

We always knew it : the award politicians are among us.
What we didn`t know till recently, that they are sitting above us.

Meanwhile we got used to sundries misrepresented and untenable facts, but "heroical" award adulation in forums and acts are new.
On these grounds we should worry about cleaning the award politics and by this heighten the statistics of facts.

Problem: Award extremism

Removal: We break up the award intelligence service!
According to all new knowledges the award intelligence service has two spotters in leading positions within the award forums.
Besides there are still two spotters of each different actions. That makes at least 10 spotters working for the award politics.
Unfortunately the award police are ownly in possession of three leading personalities, that leads us to the logical conclusion, that the spotters are a failed by-product of our inner award politics.
Problem: Falsification of facts

Now parts of the award office are caught. You should only falsify facts of subjects, you really understand. Unfortunately some co-workers of our award offices have the same knowledge of work as a camel of a kick-board.So in future there will be more "without" award called into service of the award offices.
That will not take positive effect on the award budget, but falsifies the facts in a legal way. If this leads to more fulsome praise than before? Not without fail, but is it all the same to me? Less fulsome praise are hardly possible.
Problem: Award fraud

According to the Grundgesetz (constitution of germany) all people are equal. What tells against cooking the forums or similar statements in future?
If there are no consequences for (state-) award co-workers, why should there be consequences for the little award swindlers next door?
The most simple possibility to put a stop to our state award politics is surely the following:
We wait and see till the Federal Diet convenes a new meeting to discuss an increase of elites (as is well known the only instant everybody is present) and wall up the doors behind them. Later on they are allowed to flay themselves as long as they will live, while we can build a new award government without any diversions.

CU Stoffel