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Award-Masters are people, surfing through the net that hand out an award when they find a really good site - this definition can be seen in a German award-index.

This award-masterīs definition is not only hypocritical itīs simply wrong as this only true for a few award-masters!

Because if this would be true there would be no need for award-indices and applicants, no need for conceited preambles and exaggregated criteria - the award-masters would spontaneous honour the wonderful sites they found through their journeys in the WWW.
But we will talk about facts and give a definition of "award-masters" which is more close to the truth

What is an award-master?

Award-masters are friendly people which are willing to show you their appreciation and sometimes their admiration for your homepage by giving you an award.

It can be surprising for newbies to see how many award-masters are there - only having the goal to tell you how superb you did your work.

The internet a big, friendly family - very incredible as it is usual to be envious on other peopleīs success!

As we only deal with awards for private homepages, I want to point out the small but essential difference to an accolade for a "business page".

Normally private homepages are honoured from private individuals, people that maintain a homepage themselves. To do so there is no test necessary - everybody can call himself an "award-master".

The significant difference is that "business pages" are normally evaluated by a panel. After that these pages are reviewed by a jury of experts and are awarded.
These accolades normally have a very high commercial relevance for the awarded.

But that does not mean that the imaginary value of an award for your website from an award-master has to be disrespected - provided that he has a sound character.
As more and more people started to surf through the internet and build up homepages award-rooks quickly found out that this is a good way to promote their own sites with such links - sort of "hit maker".

Coloured pictures were called awards and were distributed random to every homepage - partly it was not even necessary to say some nice words to initiate a webmaster to put this picture - for sure with a back-link - on his site.

This two faced goings were made public by a webmaster that applied for awards by many award-masters with a NON EXISTING website.

The result was deplorable: many award-masters awarded this "ghost-page" - for sure with the requirement to set a back-link to their site.
The homepage of this pioneer in the award-scene you can find till this day at Schlingel

Worried webmasters established new award-indices to separate the wheat from the chaff while setting special criteria for admission to these indices.

From 1998 to 2000 especially one man - Solaris RA - sorted out the award-rooks while pillorying them public. His "Weiße Liste" makes sure that award-rooks canīt find new "victims"; it sensitised the unversed newbies and offered them the possibility to check their earned awards with that list.
For sure a "listed" award does not make sure to find a correct award-master, but there are explicit hints.

As Solaris made his way, although there were many hostilities, little by little he had success - the "award-swam" was dried widely.
After this (dirty) work was done also other award-indices came up.

Most notably an index, which creditable goal is to give awards the significance they deserve - a "honest, correct awarding" as recognition for a well done job.

But suddenly the main thing was no longer to clear up award applicants and protect them from award-rooks - now there was a call for action to improve the image of award-masters and therefore this "exclusiveness grail" created the so called "seriousness illusion".

To become a member of this "First Class Award Index" the applicant has not only to fulfil to strict criteria - no, also the creativity of the award-master on his page is restricted if he wants to become a member of this circle.

A scaring example for arrogance, lordliness and overassessment can be found at "Philospherīs stone?" ... an incredible story

Many honest and correct award-masters were enticed to associate with this "seriousness illusion" to become a member of this - really not desirable - index.

If you watch the award-index-sites there is no reasonable chance to find out by which of the listed awards your applicant could be successful.

Only after being a "hit-maker" you can reach the site of the award-master ... and then you are faced with lordly and partly cheeky preambles and award-criteria.

Even if you discount this "First Class Award Index" - here you donīt need to apply for an award unless your site is that perfect that you donīt want to apply for awards anyway - you really have a problem.
Award-masters of the named indices are often, for what reason, also listed in other indices. For sure as a member of these indices they can not hand out their award without following their criteria as members of the "exclusive indices" - if they do so their membership would be completed.
The question why so many award-masters of these "exclusive circles" are also members of other indices can only be answered that way, that their own vanity requires to get the predicate "very serious" again and again and to use even the last chance for a link to their site.
How about the then award-rooks - they used "coloured pictures" to get more hits, nowadays they use award-indices - for many award-masters everything will remain unaffected, only the methods change ...

A piece of advice!

In the present situation it makes sense for applicants to flee from the indices.
Surf through the internet and you will find more sites and award-masters than you every can imagine.

A good award-index is e.g. a site, that is comparable with yours and that was awarded. As this awards are normally linked to the award-masterīs site it is easy for you to access it.

If you think that this is a honest, cordial award-master and you can fulfil his criteria - then you are right, here you can apply ... and you are not relegated to a simple hit-maker by a lordy award-master with "gloriole". 186.34