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:: Albert Einstein ::

38.48 ... from status and property arising privileges always seemed inequitable and pernicious to me, just like overdone cult about persons ...
:: August 1932 ::

:: Evolution? ::

35.35 What`s about the development of the awardscene?
Are there only positive impulses or also negative tendencies, that still have their aftereffects till today? The trial of a reflection at the basis of the development of the first significant German Awardindice.

:: Handling ::

54.33 Are these the omens of what the webcommunity will have to expect in future?


:::: Preamble ::::

It is well known that this site, especially from index operators and also from some award-masters, is either excoriated or simply ignored, but for fanciers of the scene this is not surprising and is accepted.

But it does not derogate the necessity to show the trustful applicant for awards how to find out about dubious index operators and award masters.

And so the question, what intentions and targets this project has can be answered as followed:

It should be a guideline for trustful owners of private homepages to apply for awards - but it should also show them that respective their behaviour - when applying for an award - contributes in bringing the always praised "seriousness" to the public test rig.

This forum could also become a chance for award masters to get new approaches, provided that they are mental and from their character able to think over their own practices and to challenge them.

That this would also be useful for the index operators goes without saying. It is especially their turn to create a separate identity for their index - the prevailing total adjustment to the "kraal of seriousness" really inhibits creativity.

Isnīt it abashing and degrading that seriousness - which should be a matter of course - from nearly every index is used for promotion? Doesnīt this question the real, honorable meaning of this word?

Donīt you think that it is time to strike a new path to let awards remain as a tribute and admiration for a job well done?

Seriousness does not come from membership to a (definite) award index, not from conformance with their rules and guidelines - it only comes out of our acting, the grade of our humaneness and helpfulness!
That applies to applicants and award masters likewise!

It is not an intention of this project to discredit indices, awardmasters or applicants, but it will show existing grievances where they appear.

If someone thinks that this project is an "act of revenge" or "enviousness" he has not understood the intention of it, will never understand it - and should retire from his award program.

This project is made without special graphics and effects - to best answer the purpose of it.


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