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:: Community ::

Unfortunately the awardmasters are not able to to give me informations or hints about the presented URLs:
Im longing for the help of the web community, who surely can not accept such a proceeding.

:: Provider ::

I`m asking the providers to convince of the criminal acts of their "clients" and to disclose them by name to an authorized lawyer!


:::: A nightmare for the web-community ::::

It is normal, that this side does not only receive approbation but also harsh criticism and is even expected.

But what you will get to know following has nothing to do with this side and concerns the whole web community.
Here you will see the exact abuses you will have to expect, if the web community does not interfere early and vigorously.
Unfortunately,the starting point of this incredible occurrence is again the award forum AIF.
The following postings you can find there on November 24th , 2001 under the headline: "Surprise":

Author of "Surprise": Frodo (---.ttnet.net.tr)
Date: 11-24-01 11.31 am

Hello forum`s community,
Soon it will happen, only a few hours left. Be prepared.

Master Frodo

Re: Surprise
Author : Frodo (---.ttnet.net.tr)
Date: 11-24-01 5.30 pm

Dear forum`s community,
It is time, the surprise is perfect:

The truth, relentless and unvarnished :o)

Master Frodo

What was meant with the URL www.wishmop.cool.am and was again removed after about 5 hours, the web community can go and see for itself.

Please look at it exactly- it`s not this side that is presented to you!

w i s h m o p

Don`t attend to the offences and defamations - just the criminal proceeding of this mob, that seems to be recruited from the award scene, does surely not deserve the approval of the web-community.

But how do the award masters react?

A comparatively new award index- AECG- and a guest of the forum found it necessary to express their disgust and distanced impressively from this criminal act.
Unfortunately even one day later no other webmaster of one of the award indices or one of their informed members found it necessary to condemn this pamphlet.

Its afflicting, that besides the "impartial" commentaries the award-masters rather agree to this criminal act.

The indices and their members must be asked,if this passive behaviour corresponds to their standard of worth, that they present on their web sides.

What will the often emphasized "ethical" principles - their own criterions, where they rightly demand the strict observance of copyrights by the award applicants, mean for themselves , if they face this criminal acts without any commentary?

Please ask yourself, whether they do not corrupt their own credibility if by chance they condemn the theft of a small picture but in this case only react as a spectator in first row.

The commentaries you can read in AIF [1] and [2].

(The AIF forum has moved and obviously didn`t take this statements along with them. Nevertheless the interested reader has the possibility to read the thread completely!)
(1) Thread: surprise
(2) Thread: comment

I`m asking the web community for helping me to find the author of this criminal encroachment.
Who is able to give informations - absolutely intimate - to the following URLs:

Portal of the start side: http://www.wishmop.cool.am

Side: http://members.tripod.de/blumenzwiebel1954/

Here is the original text of the portal side "default.htm".

I don`t want to impute to any index adviser to acquire this behaviour of outsiders of the award scene- but is it correct to accept it without any comment?
What happened to this side this week, may tomorrow - with the same malignity- happen to another award master, only because he declines an award application.
Yes ,this project faces the awarding in a critical but not hostile way. Please consider, criticism is never harmful, on the contrary, it makes the award program grow! 186.34


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