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The listing of the indices lays no claim to completeness.
The remarks about the indices are only subjective opinions of the authors and should show tendencies.

Stand: 10.09.2001

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Award Indices - what is that?
This question especially comes up by newbies ... and they get the answer immediate on the homepages of members of the "serious" award indices.

Often there are texts in the award section like this one:

"These (my) awards were proofed by the strict rules of - here follow the index-logos presented like trophies - to show you the seriousness of my award program."
As an uncritical extra on the "award-stage" Iīm deeply impressed of this and donīt dare to ask any further questions.
But we are not easily impressed and search for answers to the following questions:

What is an award index?

First you can compare an award index with a search engine. If I need informations about something I use e.g. Google t fill in a search item and then I get pages listed concerning this theme.
At an award index there is the advantage that the visitor gets a listing of all members with their awards and links to their sites.

But where is the difference between a search engine and an award index? I think the difference are the terms of admission.
In search engines a site normally is listed in the data base without revision of the content. The admission to an award index is linked to specific conditions and rules that are different from index to index.

There are award indices which list award masters in their data base without revision, but there are also index-operators that review an applying site for fulfiling the criteria of the index.

These criteria vary from index to index, but some fundamentals are presumed by nearly every index:

The award master commits himself to write a laudatio to his awards and to present the awarded sites honorable. He also commits himself to present his won awards honorable.
Beyond there is a set of more rules that can last to the extreme, e.g. where award masters are told how their site has to look like to get admission to enter the index.

But the applicant is tricked by these indices that use the word "seriousness" as a trademark. Separate from the fact that also pinstripes can hide dubious coevals - how about the seriousness of these index operators that allege that awardmasters which are not members of their index have dishonest motives?

Every applicant that is carefully looking through the sites of the award master for whoīs award he wants to apply, will surely be able to find out about the seriousness of the award master himself.

It is amusing to see that some award masters doubt about their own seriousness - or how can you explain the fact that they need lots of "seals" to attest them their seriousness?
Do we need an award index?

If there would be no vanity the question could be clearly answered "No".
It is nothing extraordinary to ask your friends "Didnīt I make this really good?" - but to ask strangers the same question to get recognition in form of an award is a little bit unusual. A kind of "human weakness", born from vanity - but who can bleed himself white?

In consideration of this facet an award index has the right to exist, but - and that is the basic question - "is the way most of indices operate nowadays the right way?" - I donīt think so.

A proof for my position is that at the moment new award indices spring up like mushrooms. Seeming the scene has noticed that there went something wrong.

And the thing that went wrong is the fact, that every index wants to be more serious than the other. And so often the pride of place is celebrated by members of the different indices, too.
For the applicant this "serious gobbledegook" is nonsense ... it would be more important for him to know to which index he should go to find award masters that are willing to review his site at the current status and current quality.

What does this mean plain-talking?
It would make sense to have indices with different claims, e.g.:

Beginners, advanced, hewn demands, highest demands and heavenly demands (unbelievable, but there really exists an index for ;-) )

So award master and applicants would get the chance to increase together - there are lots of examples for such increase, but most of the "increased" donīt want to remember their roots. That is not excusable human vanity but a really big weakness of character.

As a matter of course such an index will never become true - because every index operator wants to have the most serious, challenging index, filled with the most beautiful award graphics. The tricked one is again the applicant.

Who runs an award index?

To found and run an award index you donīt need a special permission or verification. Everybody who feels like can found an index, and if he has some friends in the web he gets some members right away.
But most of the index operators donīt go this easy way. Often they spend lot of time and work in their project and anymore idealism.
A good example is SolarisRA. At a time where other award masters and index operators only made idle talk he acted. He is one of the few persons the award scene is indebted to.

It looks like that some index operators lost the reality sight while dealing with seriousness and try to give awards a significance which in this way never will be reached.
If an award ever will become nearly the same significance than other honors like Oscars, Musicawards, etc. other structures and panels than serious and dubious index-operators would be necessary!

Who reviews the seriousness of index operators?

This question canīt be answered - unless you say "they review themself!".
The opinion that the index members monitor and direct the index is wrong. Normally they abstain from discussion to prevent that their advancement is stopped.