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:: Solaris.RA ::

Webmaster and pioneer of the award scene.
You can read the interesting history of foundation of the white list and the contrarieties in the index.

::::  White List  ::::

If you were a web beginner or a web expert, this would be the first address for me being interested in awards.

Irrespective of personal offences, hostilities and abuses the webmaster of this index extensively delivered the award scene from award cheats.
You will find several awards listed there, that exclusively find an entry to the white list after having been checked by the webmaster.

What renders this index are the criterias, a webmaster has to fulfill, before he will see his award listed. These criterias are neither exaggerated nor do they injure the award master in his personal creativity nor do they take influence on his awarding.
Unfortunately many award masters don`t content themselves with their membership to the white list, but they are also listed in other indices, that in certain circumstances more or less try to influence the award criterias of the award master.
This index presumes clear defined basic principles of awarding for the award admission, that should really be a matter of course for all award masters.
Add to this he is a webmaster, who on account of his competence, is able to take the right decision to the admission. Not "chemistry" must be right to be allowed to the circle of award masters, but the own ability and the attitude to awarding of the award master is important.

In the interest of all award applicants the following statement of the WL-webmaster was addressed to the award masters:
... they will be tested by their deeds...
What honours this index is further the fact, that it has its own forum. All forum`s statements are taken into archives and they are accessible, irrespective to where the wind might blow. The short time shut out of disliked forum`s writers has been quickly corrected.

This index is closely related to the MetatroniC and this fact, connected with the unintelligible exigency of some award masters to be listed in as many indices as possible , is responsible , that there has to be some critics.

The urge for getting higher and the wrong yardsticks make some award masters to surround their awarding with unsuitable prefaces and award criterias, in the hope of being admitted to circle of award masters, for instance the MetatroniC.
But this should be no problem for you as an award applicant ,who is able to differ pure self performance from unselfish awarding, so:
The white list is one of the first addresses in the German award scene and as well for the web beginner as for the advanced webmaster absolutely commendable!
Besides the listed awards the interested web beginner gets an interesting look into the awarding and its history.
It shall not be suppressed, that especially web beginners sometimes got valuable hints to styling and realisation of their web presences, not at last by the webmaster of the white list.