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:: Narcissistic ::

Vanity, self-centredness

People, who have a tendency to only come to a friendship or partnership, if there is a possibility,that the other person serves their intentions, or strengthen their self-esteem or their significance.

:: Stupidity ::

Main feature of the so called homo sapiens and basis of his rule.


:::: Chronology of the awardmob ::::

August 2001 - August 2002

It started, when in a forum`s article of the "First Class Award Index" MetatroN the serious index operators were asked to correct their accounts in an article - in the beginning it was called criticism? - within their MetatroN page, that means always accessible for the public, or to take it off the side.

A course of the events the interested reader finds here [1].

As a generally surprise - particulary for those, who know the scene - one of the protagonists of the index - Renko - began to speak, against his habits [2].

How this always smiling charmeur of the award scene loses his smile and which tone he is able to set, when it is for the protection of his sinecures, I will show in an example and at the same time I will point out a few details to the history`s researchers, which they like to suppress in the description of the ideal award world.
At the same time it could have been so easy - the unconventional thinker Kurt Rose already had taken the necessary steps and had withdrawn the "Island of kindred spirits", the paradise of the award masters.
Would their self-esteem have been in danger to be damaged, if they had deleted this unobjective article?
An article, that by the way would never have been published, if the criticism, the "it`s to puke...", which was meant for the preface of the awarding of Mr.Paeng/Schulz, had been meant for the preface of another award master.

The masters of shadow springing and bridge builders, if they have been sprung or have been built, there would be no awardmob, the Misters Schulz and Renko could go on leading their sheeps unhindered behind the mask of helpful honest citizens - but no, they wanted the awardmob.de.
To correct untruthfulnesses here, to change or to delete something there, is - as I see it - not enough to demand the seriousity, that these gentlemen claim for themselves, but is pure eye-wash.
Since one year their own members and protégés supply examples in droves for a bad communication style and that in a new dimension, but about this more at some other point.

Before I`ll come to the announced example, I recommend to the interested readers to look once more at my definitions of narcissism and vanity more exactly!

Let`s now dive into the history of the award, the stories of the three leading actors Solaris RA, Schulz and Renko.
Let`s listen to their stories and let us not lose sight of the charming Renko smile - if we can find it [3].
What`s about the narcissism and the vanit? Are you-honored readers-able to assign it?
What else can be reported in the review?

Beginnings to start constructive discussions were at once prevented as a rule by unobjective, malicious remarks and when it really once came to a civilized exchange of views, it was at a rule at once made look ridiculous in another forum - to say nothing of the chat rooms of the "legendary" nfa-forums!

A campaign was started by the most malicious representatives of the MetatroN-award guild and their vassals with the aim to prove, that there was a conspiracy - whatever is meant - between the webmaster of the awardmob.de and the webmaster of a just building up award index.

Both webmasters were disparaged in a till then unknown manner.

The aim of the schemers was to eliminate both the awardmob.de and this new index (which by the way don`t have this award rabble in ist memebership to show) at the same time.

Both the awardmob.de and the named index were strengthen by these attacks, what obviously made these schemers to continue their denigrations on interantional level!

The awardmob was able to get the attacks of "Frodo" over, who surely was inundated with award pixels by the award charlatans, these malicious attacks, that reached into the private life of Kurt Rose, were unable to get at him.
So for the new awardmob year I really hope, that the closet award masters of the "Island of kindred spirits" will have to do better than to send computer virus ...
because nobody is able to unmask you better than you can do yourself...

Kurt Rose 186.34