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Besides the awardmasters and the award indices there is a third party, the applicants for awards. One needs the other - without one the other is absolutely superfluous. Because as we already know the awardmaster gives away his award to recognize the hard work in building up a good website.

But how to find an awardmaster and to call attention to your site? You visit an award index and take a look at the listed award programs. If you like one of the awards you can reach the website of the awardmaster through the index.

Unfortunately many "serious" awardmasters welcome you with impertinent and arrogant preambles about their award program - this applies especially to awardmasters that are listed in the "exclusive" award indices.
It seems to be a kind of sports to attract applicants through the index sites to their homepage to insult them thereafter with defamatory preambles - not criteria.

We recommend every applicant to leave the sites of this "master-species" circumventing, because for them an award program seems to be only a showmanship, shown thru the fact that not only one but many seals attest the awardmaster "seriousness".

Instead of fighting against this development the owner of one of these "exclusive" award indices himself sets a bad example by his behaviour as an awardmaster and misguides in this way other awardmasters to take off (please take a look at "story").

But there are still honest and sincere awardmasters. Their award program depends on designated requirements (criteria) which your homepage has to be up to the mark - without confronting the applicant with impertinent preambles.

As an applicant for an award you should pay attention to these criteria to show the awardmaster your respect.
It is not appropriate that a site that deals with crackz and pornography applies for an award when the awardmaster´s criteria say, that such sites are not eligible for review.

It is not appropriate that a "beginner" that has just finished his first homepage applies for an award when the awardmaster´s criteria say something about extraordinary design and content.

For sure it is not so easy for beginners to rate their sites fair - as most sites are built up with heart´s blood.
But as the output curve of a sportsman raises by regular training also the claims of beginners - concerning their homepages - raise from version to version - until the result answers the claims of the awardmaster.

As a serious awardmaster should treat his guests and award applicants respectful and correct it is also appropriate that award applicants show respect to the awardmaster by paying attention to his criteria - and only to apply if they think the fulfill them!
Being disrespectful relegates award programs to a complete farce of changing "picture" for "link" - without any value and significance. 186.34