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Sooner or later every owner of a website will get in touch with "awards" - volitional or unintentional.

But what is this? For sure everybody has once heard the word "award" - isnīt there a music-award, a film- or multimedia-award - yes, and the Oscar, isnīt it a kind of award, too?
After reflecting all this you know: An award must be a honour - it is one or it should be one.

Organisations, associations, media, companies - all are donating honors, mostly in the form of more or less trashy cups to winners determined by their boards. Often this accolade is very important for the winner in a profitable way.

But how about award-programs for private homepages? We try to answer this question here and discount that accolades, which have a complete different significance.

If you receive an award for your homepage from another webmaster normally this has no profitable benefit, only imaginary. The following is also only ment for imaginary award-programs.
What is an award?

He consists of "pure pixel-mass"; normally his size is about 200x200 pixel and heīs designed more or less affectionate.

Who gives away an award?

Normally the webmaster of a homepage, an award-master, who also likes - just like you and me - to receive accolades.

Why are awards given away?

This questions can be answered very easy, as there are only two motivations possible

the cordial motivation or pure selfishness
To tell this apart is a difficult thing, being sometimes really tough.

It is a honest, cordial accolade if you get and award as recognition to your hard work on your website.

The handing over should be accompanied by a laudatio and you should be free to decide whether to accept the award or not, to display it on your site or not and - above all - there should be no obligation to link it back to the award masterīs page!

It is a false award-program if the award-master is not interested in honouring your work but only in placing a link to his site on your site - in other words: he only wants to relegate your site into a simple link-list.

Being precautious and suspiciously is always good if the award is only an unkind graphic, if you should pick up the award on the lenderīs site, if you get no laudatio and if you are obliged to set a link back to his site. You should also be critical with awards that show the lenderīs URL in the graphic.

The difficulty is to find out, what kind of award-master one is and what are his intentions. Even a wonderful designed award graphic, together with an eloquent laudatio is no guarantee for candor or fidelity.

For sure an "award-rook" uses the same methods as an award-master, and for sure he will not write into his laudatio that he only wants to relegate your site into a link-list - so a good portion of mistrust is in great demand.

Please mention quite plainly that with awarding you foreign people express their appreciation for your work without selfishness - a not common scene in our society.
Therefore it is always advisable to look at the award masterīs page before accepting the award. Take up time and look at the sites carefully - and for sure you will find out about candor or falseness of the award program.

If the sites - like the award graphic - look very unkind not even the plausiblest laudatio can deceive that at least the award master has not really understood what and award should be.

In this case do not hesitate to write an obliging e-mail to him and tell him, that you will not accept his award. But very often - especially newbies - tend to integrate these colourful pictures called awards on their page very quickly.

In the years 1998 until 2000 the rank growth of this dubious "picture-distributors" in the German scene were muckraked by Solaris RA. But that does not mean that there are no more mountebanks left.

Even the award-indices are meanwhile no surety any more not to meet such an "award rook". As a beginner, that normally has no excellent website in the early stages, you can find a kind of protection there - but only in that way, that normally award-masters which are members of these indices reject your application.

What remains?

Recapitulating it can be said that award bestowals - if they are honest and cordial - are a creditable gesture and can give stimulation to continue optimizing your site. 186.34